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Toyota Front lower shock bolt set

Toyota Front lower shock bolt set

SKU: 303-14X1.5X80

These 14mm replacement bolts are shanked to fit the front lower shock mount better than the OEM bolts. The 10.9 flanged bolts are hardened and do not have the step down like OEM that wears out KING and other misalignment spacers over time. The yellow zinc plating will out last the OEM toyota coating that always rusts to the spacers. These work best with some Anti-Seize Lubricant applied to the shank of the bolt. 


Included are 2 Bolts and 2 Nuts as pictured. 


The bolt head is 18mm and the head of the nut is a 21mm. 


These are a great upgrade for any 1995+ Toyota 4Runner, Tacoma, Lexus GX470/460 4x4. 


Due to supply constraints the current nuts these bolt sets ship with maybe silver zinc, or yellow zinc as pictured. 


  • Tech Specs

    18mm wrench size and a non-serrated smooth bottom flange. The underside of the flange surface ensures superior force distribution over a greater area, eliminating the need for a separate washer. The non-indented head prevents grease and dirt from accumulating on the head, providing a higher quality finish and appearance.

    21mm Non-locking flange nuts have a smooth bottom flange that acts as a built-in washer to evenly distribute force over a larger area against the fastening surface.

    This non-serrated nut will not damage the threads of bolts or screws and can be reused. Also known as hex nut with integrated washer.

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