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How a Baja 1000 driver started a shock service company

Tim Flahart started 303 Shock Services with a singular laser focused goal. To become the premier high performance solution for offroad enthusiasts throughout the mountain west. Mission accomplished. But how did this mechanic get here? Tim has raced the Baja 1000 5 times with "Some assembly required Racing". He's helped as a mechanic, a navigator and as a driver for over 15 years. In fact, Tim has also raced the "San Felipe 250" and the famous "Norra 1000" offroad race.

Over the years Tim has worked as a mechanic, started an offroad fabrication company (Flahart Fabrication) and been the force behind Burnsville Offroad and Nemesis Industries elevating their Hemi Jeep and custom suspension game.

It was this journey, literally, that sparked the idea to become the go to solution for off-road enthusiasts, race teams and shops throughout the Mountain West. Decades of wheeling, racing, servicing and building all lead to this. Tim has been a part of 20+ years of cutting edge, world class off-road racing and adventure. If you'd like to get advice, or have your shocks rebuilt, contact 303 Shock Services today!

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